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The goat's business is none of the sheep's concern.

- Edna Ferber


We are a 3D high-quality collection that is inspired by the crypto leaders of the New World. Our collection consists of 5055 unique GOATs ready to dominate the Solana blockchain world. Just as the crypto leaders have done.

We will put everything we have into making this collection better and better for our community. The roadmap justifies our intentions and will show you how far we are willing to go.

220 unique attributes have been crafted through cooperation with some of our favorite influencers. Each attribute will be a signature of someone everyone knows and follows.

To be minted


After the mint, all goalders are welcome to visit the GOAT Bar (n), where they could communicate and have some gre-ee-at time. In our Bar (n), the Goalders are the VIP’s, so they have access to such special features as attending weekly DJ sessions and live chatting with the real GOATs What is more, the Goalders can participate in daily activities and be the first ones to see the exclusive information as to future plannings and more.

Battle of the GOATs

Here, every week your Goat will be evaluated, and the process will be based on the influencers’ attributes that the Goat possesses. Your Goat will be judged based on various factors as fame and activity of the influencer, their news appearances, or their new projects. The top 5 in the leaderboard will receive prize money accumulated from the royalties made for the current week.


Cards on the Table

  • How can I mint?

    The “mint” button in the menu of this website will take you to a platform where you can mint the goats. There will be 4 phases of the minting procedure. The procedure instructions will be given closer to the mint date.

  • Can I use my phone to mint?

    Yes, minting with a phone is possible with Sollet.

  • What is the price?

    The price for each Goat NFT will be 1.5 Sol.

  • When is the drop?

    31st of October.

  • Is there a limit?

    There is no limit on the amount of NFTs you can mint.

  • Do I own the goat after the purchase?

    Full intellectual property will be transferred to the buyer.

  • How many attributes will be in your collection?

    We have 220 unique attributes that each represent someone in the crypto community.

  • Will there be a rarity chart?

    Yes, the rarity chart will become available straight after minting on our discord and shortly after on

  • Are there Royalties for Secondary Market Sales?

    Royalties are set to 4% of the secondary sales. We would use this to provide our community with future developments according to our Roadmap.

The G.O.A.T. Team

VincentvanGoat Founder

JLutherGoat Design & Art

Satyr Community Management

100buck Marketing Management

SlimJim Development

Pollux Marketing Management