Pride in each stage

Stage 1

The arrival of the Goats

5055 Goats will imprint the G.O.A.T.s of our generation on the Solana Blockchain forever.

Russian Doll Collectible

Everyone who has participated in the minting phase will receive a special Russian Doll Collectible. They are a set of cute dolls of decreasing size that go one inside the other. With every single stage of our roadmap, a new doll will be added to your collection until you will have a full set.

Help Children

Everyone has to have a chance to learn. Where would WE be without education?

Rarity Reveal

Find out the rarity of your Goat on HowRare.Is . Anyways, it’s priceless!

Stage 2

Barn Opening!

Our Barn will open its doors. Platform with weekly DJ sessions live chats with the real G.O.A.T.s, daily activities, Goat family photos and future plannings will be exclusively available to the Golders.

Battle of The G.O.A.T.s

Each week a dependent valuation of your Goat will be made based on the influencers' attributes that your Goat possesses. The Goat will be judged based on factors like activity, fame, news appearances, or any new projects of their influencers. The top 5 in the leaderboard will receive prize money accumulated from the royalties made for the current week.

Help Children 2.0

An additional 70 Sol will be allotted to Children International. It’s never enough to support children in need!

Lucky Ten

10 lucky Golders will enjoy 0.1 sol for each day they HODL their Goat. Their sol will accumulate until the moment they stop loving their Goat. They won’t know they are the lucky ones until they sell. Once they receive their HODLing prize, the other Golder will be selected. The amount of Sol can vary based on the weekly volume traded.

Volume Up

For every 10K Sol of traded volume, three lucky Golders will receive a floor price of a goat with their rarest trait.

Top Up

5% of the royalties will be used to top up our Goaty Bank every week.

Sweep & Swap

20% of the royalties will be used to support a concrete floor price. All listings that fluctuate downwards greater than 10% from the floor price will be swept. They will then be added to a pool in our Barn. Golders can select any Goat from the pool and swap it with their own Goat.

Stage 3

Memebers Only Merch

Exclusive limited supply of hoodies, t-shirts and hats. Golders will have an opportunity to obtain a unique personalized action figure of their beloved Goats. Love it and take care of it as if it is your own pet.


Establishment of a DAO with all of our Golders to ensure rational and favorable outcomes for the future of the Goats.

Roadmap 2.0

1. Production of the Goatoken ($GOTK) will begin. The pool in our Barn will turn into a liquidity pool. The Goats will now become possible to be swapped, for $GOTK as well.

2. Goat Nannies will come looking for their mates, and the mating period in the Barn will slowly start. Nannies' collection will also be based on our beloved female part of the industry. The G.O.A.T.s arsenal of our project will only become stronger!

3. Mating will become possible. If you hold both a Goat and a Nanny, you are in trouble because you will have to deal with the loud Me-e-eh! for the whole night.